FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


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Where can I download the driver for my drive? Or do I need a driver to my optical drive to run with Windows OS?

For optical drives, the driver support is provided by the Microsoft operating system.  In other words, optical drives are supported natively by Windows.  Consequently, you should not need a separate device driver.  A driver update is not necessary for your optical drive to run with Windows OS.

Do you need a driver for external models?

All Sony Optical external units are plug & play with Windows, no drivers are required for detection.

If you are having issues getting your external drive detected in Windows, please try the following:
The drive needs to be connected directly to USB 2.0 or I-link port (depending on model type) on your computer. Please note that the drive is not supported if connected to a dock or a hub. 
Also please check the following if you are have trouble detecting:

  •   The drive needs to be the only external device connected to the system.  Please ensure there are no other USB devices connected. 
  •  Try a different USB port on your computer. 
  •  Try a different USB cable 
  •  Try the drive on a second computer system if possible.
  •  Ensure you have the latest BIOS and Motherboard updates from   your PC manufacturer.
  • Ensure you have the latest Windows updates from Microsoft.

My External drive isnot detected by the system or it is not functioning properly?

1. Ensure the USB port is 2.0
2. Connect the drive directly to the USB port on the computer system. Do not connect the drive to a USB Hub      
3. Try a different USB port on your system
4. Disconnect all other USB devices except a keyboard or mouse.

While the drive cannot be recognized by the BIOS, it is recognized by the O.S. Does it mean the drive is faulty?

No, the drive is not faulty. Even if the optical drive cannot be recognized by the BIOS, as long as it is recognized by the operating system, there is no problem.

My optical drive is detected in Device Manager but reports error code 31, 32, 39 or 41 and wants an updated driver.

Please refer to following Microsoft to resolve the issue:

After installing the S-ATA interface optical drive, the drive does not recognized by the BIOS or O.S.?

1.     Try different SATA ports available - on some systems, optical drive(s) only work on certain ports
2.     Try update BIOS to the latest version.
3.     Try to change to different S-ATA controller configuration setting (IDE/RAID/AHCI) under BIOS.


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