FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Firmware update

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Where can I download the latest firmware for my optical drive?

Blu-ray series

DVD RW series

CD-RW series

DVD-ROM series

Combo series

External slim series


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Do I need a firmware or driver update to my optical drive to run with Windows OS?

A firmware or driver update is not necessary for your optical drive to run with Windows OS.

Why my optical drive has a problem downloading the latest firmware?

  1. Check whether the drive is an OEM drive or not?  In other words, did the drive come with the system or did you purchase it separately?  If the drive came with your system, then you have a OEM drive.  OEM drives may have different firmware and you may need to contact your PC vendor directly for firmware support.
  2. Try update without DMA mode (under WinXP & Win 2K in the device manager - "IDE ATA/ ATAPI controllers", you can switch from DMA to PIO model.


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