FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


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What is the optical Drive Warranty Policy?

Warranty exchanges are supported through our distributor/retailer/resellers.  Consequently, you should contact the place of purchase for instruction. They should be able to validate your warranty and provide you with necessary support.  If you have any difficulty, let us know.

If the above information still not resolved the issue, please contact us

How many times can I change my optical drive region code?

Optical drives are limited in the number of region changes per drive (up to 5 times). 
When a DVD movie is inserted into an optical drive, the drive reads the region code to determine whether the film was actually manufactured for the region where the film is about to be played.
If the region code and the film are not the same, the optical drive changes its code, but only up to five times. The fifth change determines the final setting of the optical drive with regard to regional codes. After this code has been set, the drive can only read DVD movie with the same code as the drive.

My optical drive’s tray will not open. How can I resolve this?

  1. Make sure the power cable connect properly.
  2. Try sticking a pin in the little hole next to the eject button on the drive. This resets the reset button for the drive to open again.

My optical drive didn’t work upon receiving (DOA). What can I do?

If the product didn't work upon receiving (DOA), then you should make the claim to the supplier

When I try to install Nero it keeps asking me for a serial number. Why?

This could be due to an older version of Nero that was installed on your system. Please try the following.

  • Uninstall the Nero software from your add/remove programs.
  • Run the Nero General Clean tool located at this site: Nero Tools
  • Remove all other burning programs such as any old versions of Nero or Roxio Easy CD Creator
  • Reinstall the Nero software. (Do not input any numbers in the serial number field during installation)
  • Get the latest Nero updates at: Nero Updates

After installing the Sony drive and Software, I am unable to boot my system.

Disconnect the drive from your system. If you are able to boot, remove all writing software from the system. Reboot the system. Disable all background programs running on your system, including any anti-virus programs. Reinstall the software one program at a time, rebooting the system after each install. If the system still will not boot, you are having a system issue and will need to contact the maker of your system.

When I try to install the Nero software bundled with my product, the wrong language selection appears. How do I resolve this?

Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options> make sure it is set to English (United States). Choose the Advanced Tab and make sure the Select language box is set to English (United States) and reboot.

Is it possible to copy a commercially produced DVD movie?

No, commercially available DVD movies cannot be copied generally as they incorporate an elaborate copy protection scheme that DVD+RW recognizes and will not copy. However, personal DVD movies made from your own footage can be copied as they are not usually copy protected.

WinXP reports "New Hardware AD-754xA Found" and want to install actual drivers.

Please try the following steps:

You need to switch to your “DRIVERS” folder.
Then change or delete the folder “MONITOR”.
Switch to “C: WINDOWS”.
Ensure that you have windows explorer setting options activated to see all data (also hidden and system files)
Switch to “C: WINDOWSINF”
Look for the “INFCACHE.1” file and delete it.
Switch to your desktop trash can and empty it.

If the problem cannot be solved, please contact the manufacturer of your notebook.


If you have any further questions or did not find a solution to your problem please make use of our